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[wtp-dev] Faceted Project Framework for Galileo

There are only two remaining issues in the Faceted Project Framework that are still targeted to Galileo. The rest have either been fixed or deferred to a future release by being moved to bugzilla components associated with the new Faceted Project Framework project under Technology.


Layout problem with facets selection panel


Add the ability to deprecate a facet


I’d like to shutdown all work on this framework for Galileo by the end of M6 so that the framework code can be branched for the next release under the separate project. Obviously, bad bugs that are discovered after M6 will still be fixed for Galileo, but I will not entertain feature requests and minor bugs after the end of M6. I am not trying to be difficult about this, but I need to branch soon to get a head start on the next release and once the code is branched and refactored, any changes made to the WTP version of the code will have to be hand-ported to the new repository.


So… if you are aware of issues in the framework that you need to have resolved for Galileo and you haven’t opened a bug yet, I recommend haste.


Let me know if there are any questions.


- Konstantin

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