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[wtp-dev] About Eclipse WTP Google_Summer_of_Code Project Ideas 2009


I'm an Computer Science Undergraduate who is currently undergoing training and engaged n the field of  Open Source  SOA products n development. I've  done project work in the area of WS Security (WS Policy derivation from SOAP messages..) and hence  have some knowlege on WS security implementations and methodologies.I've also worked on equinox OSGI framework, implementing and  deploying modules as OSGi components for our SOA product stack.. 

Also i've most recently been working on deploying Ruby Services on Apache Axis2 Engine using JRuby frame work ,n developing required Axis2 components ..I Would really like to participate in a  project published by Eclipse Foundation WTP Development for GSoc 2009 as it would enhance my knowledge on SOA and would be a good experience for me.. Therefore i would like to hear some some  ideas  from  Eclipse WTP people regarding  any WS implementation project for Eclipse that is to be implemented yet  or any other interesting project ,for GSoc 2009. I would really appreciate if u could reply in this regard..

Thanking you,
Udayanga Shaminda Wickramasinghe    

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