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RE: [wtp-dev] WTP and DTP collaboration and re-using pre-compiled bundles

>  DTP will pull these plugins in source form from WTP repository and
> build them as part of their build. This is similar to how Orbit
> plugins are handled.

Not to be overly picky on exact wording  ... but the techniques of Orbit bundle handling is specifically not to rebuild it (form source or otherwise). It just uses what's already been built, conditioned, and signed. This not only saves build time, but is safer in the sense of making sure such bundles are exactly the same, down to each bit.  Then, also similar to Orbit, WTP and DTP would both distribute the bundle, and in most circumstances it would not be reinstalled if either DTP or WTP had already installed it.

The other important procedural thing to document is that in cases like this, there will have to be a clear agreement between WTP and DTP that these jointly used bundles would have to be "done" earlier than the normal +2 date, so that DTP could get an "early" version, and be assured that it would be the same as the +2 version. (well ... normally ... unless blocking defect is found or something exceptional).

I've started some WTP specific documentation on the bundle consuming techniques, and will be glad to expand it when anyone is ready to start giving it a try or has questions. See
and feel free to ask questions or open enhancement requests.


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