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[wtp-dev] WTP and DTP collaboration

The first meeting to discuss collaboration between WTP and DTP in building a flexible “plugin discovery” infrastructure was held yesterday.


In attendance were the following people:


Tim deBoer (WTP)

Brian Fitzpatrick (DTP)

Konstantin Komissarchik (WTP)

Angel Vera (WTP)

David Williams (WTP)


It was generally agreed that this would be a positive undertaking and commitment to contribute to the effort was expressed by various members of WTP and DTP teams. The sticky issue is where to host the shared code. Several possibilities were discussed without any conclusions being reached.


1. A new project.

2. Try to get this into P2.

3. Re-wire WTP build to produce a separate distro that would be consumable by DTP.


We agreed to start a wiki to begin collaborating on the requirement. We also agreed to meet again next week at the same time for follow-up discussion (especially the issue of where to host this effort).




Meeting info for next week’s meeting:


21-Oct-2008 10:00 AM PST

1-888-967-2253, code 388649, pw 388649


In addition to this, another area for possible WTP and DTP collaboration was brought up. In particular, the effort to create a single servers view based on the common navigator framework that would show app servers, databases, etc. The idea being to remove the individual views now present in WTP and DTP. Again, there was general agreement that this would be a positive step. Some work on this is already in progress on several bugzilla bugs with interesting contributions coming from JBoss. The same where do we host this effort question was brought up for this item. No resolution was reached.


Do we need anything (like a meeting) to organize this second effort or is the activity on the bugzilla bugs sufficient for now?


Konstantin Komissarchik | Consulting Member of Technical Staff
Phone: +1 425 201 1795 | Mobile: +1 206 898 0611
Oracle Eclipse Tooling
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