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[wtp-dev] ATF / JSDT

I hope I'm not being too dense, but here's my question.

I'm new to Eclipse, and I have tried to read up on this, but I think I missing a trick. ATF was (?is?) the 'old' way to get _javascript_ support in Eclipse. ATF's devs migrated to working on JSDT - and JSDT is the only current (centrally distributed) way of working with _javascript_ [I'm specifically excluding things like MyEclipse].

Now, ATF definitely had a 'proper' debugger for _javascript_, with breakpoints, step-in/out and so forth. JSDT specifically says that it supports breakpoints - but all I can do is set a bookmark! I know this has been appraoched before, but someone please enlighten me - what is the deal with this?

Is there any way to get JSDT to do proper _javascript_ debugging? Is ATF available for Ganymede?

And I'm sorry, but Firebug is _not_ a reliable debugger.

Many thanks,


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