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Re: [wtp-dev] ATF / JSDT

JSDT does not support debugging (or breakpoints).
There are ATF plugins which add support for breakpoints within the JSDT editors.
Where did you see that JSDT supports breakpoints? We will fix that statement.
I do not think that ATF will work with Ganymede without being updated.

Phil Berkland
IBM Software Group Emerging Technologies
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[wtp-dev] ATF / JSDT

I hope I'm not being too dense, but here's my question.

I'm new to Eclipse, and I have tried to read up on this, but I think I missing a trick. ATF was (?is?) the 'old' way to get _javascript_ support in Eclipse. ATF's devs migrated to working on JSDT - and JSDT is the only current (centrally distributed) way of working with _javascript_ [I'm specifically excluding things like MyEclipse].

Now, ATF definitely had a 'proper' debugger for _javascript_, with breakpoints, step-in/out and so forth. JSDT specifically says that it supports breakpoints - but all I can do is set a bookmark! I know this has been appraoched before, but someone please enlighten me - what is the deal with this?

Is there any way to get JSDT to do proper _javascript_ debugging? Is ATF available for Ganymede?

And I'm sorry, but Firebug is _not_ a reliable debugger.

Many thanks,

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