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[wtp-dev] IWAB0489E error with JBoss 4.2

I've encountered a problem with "Bottom Up Javas bean Web Service" wizard.

My env is:
- Eclipse Ganymede (Eclipse Classic 3.4 + WTP 3.0 installed)
- JBoss 4.2.2
- JDK 5.0 (JBoss is configured to use this JDK in Preferences->Server->Runtime Environments)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create "Dynamic Web Project" with project facet: Dynamic Web Module - 2.5, Java - 5.0.
2. Create simple com.example.HelloService class with "public String sayHello(String name)".
3. File->New->Other->Web Service.
    Web Service Type: Bottom Up
    Service Impl: com.example.HelloService
4. Put slider to "Test service". Configuration: Server - JBoss 4.2, Web Service Runtime - Apache Axis.
5. Publish, Monitor checkboxes is on. Click "Next".
6. Choose RCP/Encoded in "Style and use". Click "Next"

After this error screen is shown: "IWAB0489E Error when deploying Web service to Axis runtime
  axis-admin failed with  {}HTTP (404)/WSExample/services/AdminService

I googled this issue and that's what I found:
1. Wizard will finish successfully if I will change JDK 5.0 to JDK 1.4.
2. Wizard will finish successfully if I will use Tomcat 6.0 instead of JBoss 4.2.

But with JBoss 4.2 on Java 5.0 wizard fails with that Axis issue.
Has anybody faced with this problem?

Best regards,

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