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Re: [wtp-dev] how to synchronize start/stop state in server adapter

Larry Isaacs wrote:

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Subject: [wtp-dev] how to synchronize start/stop state in server

I'm working on the GlassFish plugin for eclipse and have had a bug
against the plugin about keeping the server state in eclipse
synchronized with starts/stops outside of eclipse.

The bug was originally filed in the eclipse bug system:
<> and rightfully
redirected to the glassfish plugins one.

My question is about the comment in the eclipse bug by Tim deBoer:
"The WTP server framework does support this, and several server
take advantage of it. Depending on the situation & support of the
adapter, some will automatically reconnect to the server on startup and
display the correct status, or at least allow some interaction."

I would like to know *how* to make the server adapter take advantage of
it, especially because I asked a similar question on the newsgroups a
while ago and thought I understood from the response that it was not
really possible:

My answer assumed you were referring to Tomcat plug-in behavior in general, which I can see now was a bit off target.  There are a number of issues that make "reconnecting" difficult for the WTP Tomcat plug-ins.  What is possible for glassfish depends on what it supports.  If you can post some details to the thread above (or in a new thread) about how the glassfish plug-ins interact with the server, I and others can try to respond, more appropriately this time.

Also, I think that the main complaint that is spawning this discussion is contained in this thread:
Feel free to respond in that thread as well.

Larry, thanks for your response on this thread and the others and the pointer to the other discussion. I will post more there, but if Tim can weigh in (here, there, or in the bug report) on what was meant by his comment, that would definitely help me.



Thanks for any advice you can provide,

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