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RE: [wtp-dev] how to synchronize start/stop state in server adapter

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> Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 6:20 PM
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> Subject: [wtp-dev] how to synchronize start/stop state in server
> adapter
> I'm working on the GlassFish plugin for eclipse and have had a bug
> filed
> against the plugin about keeping the server state in eclipse
> synchronized with starts/stops outside of eclipse.
> <>
> The bug was originally filed in the eclipse bug system:
> <> and rightfully
> redirected to the glassfish plugins one.
> My question is about the comment in the eclipse bug by Tim deBoer:
> "The WTP server framework does support this, and several server
> adapters
> take advantage of it. Depending on the situation & support of the
> adapter, some will automatically reconnect to the server on startup and
> display the correct status, or at least allow some interaction."
> I would like to know *how* to make the server adapter take advantage of
> it, especially because I asked a similar question on the newsgroups a
> while ago and thought I understood from the response that it was not
> really possible:
> <
> ebtools#16737>

My answer assumed you were referring to Tomcat plug-in behavior in general, which I can see now was a bit off target.  There are a number of issues that make "reconnecting" difficult for the WTP Tomcat plug-ins.  What is possible for glassfish depends on what it supports.  If you can post some details to the thread above (or in a new thread) about how the glassfish plug-ins interact with the server, I and others can try to respond, more appropriately this time.

Also, I think that the main complaint that is spawning this discussion is contained in this thread:
Feel free to respond in that thread as well.


> Thanks for any advice you can provide,
> Rochelle
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