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[wtp-dev] how to synchronize start/stop state in server adapter

I'm working on the GlassFish plugin for eclipse and have had a bug filed against the plugin about keeping the server state in eclipse synchronized with starts/stops outside of eclipse.

The bug was originally filed in the eclipse bug system:
<> and rightfully redirected to the glassfish plugins one.

My question is about the comment in the eclipse bug by Tim deBoer:
"The WTP server framework does support this, and several server adapters take advantage of it. Depending on the situation & support of the adapter, some will automatically reconnect to the server on startup and display the correct status, or at least allow some interaction."

I would like to know *how* to make the server adapter take advantage of it, especially because I asked a similar question on the newsgroups a while ago and thought I understood from the response that it was not really possible: <>

Thanks for any advice you can provide,

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