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[wtp-dev] Add version 3.0.1 to Bugzilla

WTP 3.0.1 is already released and now it's time to add version 3.0.1 (or
2.0.1 respectively for some projects) to Bugzilla, so users can specify
accurately the version in which they find bugs. 

After the Bugzilla re-org, it is now responsibility of the respective
project lead to maintain the metadata in Bugzilla for his/her project. 

This is done easily from the portal ( Find the
*tools* for committers command link and then click on "Bugzilla
components, targets, version" link. If you don't have edit privileges
for your projects (due to the system limitations mentioned by David
earlier), then drop me a mail and I will update your project for you. 


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Subject: [wtp-dev] Note on bugzilla re-org

I f you haven't noticed by now, please note that the bugzilla re-org 
should be complete.

Late Friday, the webmasters did fix up the portal part, so Project Leads

are now in charge of their own bugzilla components.
Project Leads, you may want to enable others in your project to have 
bugzilla "rights" (to create new targets, versions, etc.).

They also copied all releases and targets from 'Web Tools' to the new 
bugzilla products, since that'd be the quickest and easiest way to get 
everyone up and running on the new system. It does mean, however, that 
there might be some cases where you have "extra" releases or targets. 
For example, I think only the WTP Incubator has actually used "0.5". I 
suspect these could be cleaned up eventually if you, Project Leads, 
wanted to (it would suffice to send a note to webmaster, or open a a 
bugillza on one of the community components.)

It also be a good time to read and improve the descriptions, from the 
Portal bugzilla tools page, if you'd like. These are visible as people 
open bugs, so might help bug land where they belong?

Lastly, don't forget that many queries, such as in our weekly meetings, 
will need to be update.

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