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[wtp-dev] performance question

Hi All,


I've implemented the following extensions in order to add Dojo Library support:


   <!-- Dojo library container initializer -->

   <extension point="org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.core.JsGlobalScopeContainerInitializer">







   <!-- Dojo library container page -->

   <extension point="org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.ui.JsGlobalScopeContainerPage">


            name="Dojo Library"






   <!-- Inference Engine for Dojo Objects -->

   <extension point="org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.core.inferrenceSupport">

         <inferenceProvider class=""/>



As described in Extending_the_JavaScript_Development_Toolkit.pdf document.


Everything works fine, but I'm encountering a very big performance issue:


  1. Slowness while typing
  2. Waiting for 20 seconds when trying to complete "dojo.|"


Profiling shows bottlenecks in org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.internal.compiler.parser.* and in org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.internal.compiler.lookup.*


Inference Engine is currently empty.


Can you suggest how to improve performance?





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