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[wtp-dev] Question about IModelProviderListener and JEE5ModelProvider?

Title: Question about IModelProviderListener and JEE5ModelProvider?


I am currently trying to provide fixes for

It seems they are all connected with
No notification from JEEModelProvider after calling JEE5ModelProvider.modify

Currently the model providers infrastructure has an IModelProvider object that acceps IModelProviderListener object.
This listeners are notified for changes in the model using an instance of IModelProviderEvent.

Looking at the implementation of one of the model providers JEE5ModelProvider my question is:
Should changes in the EMF model be wrapped in an IModelProviderEvent and transported to the model providers listeners or clients of the model provider should find their own way to listen to changes in the model?

As the test case attached to is showing if a client is modifying the model using JEE5ModelProvier.modify method the IModelProviderListener(s) are NOT notified for this changes.

It is of course possible that this is not a bug, but is intentionally implemented in such way making the clients register their onw adapters to the EMF model.

Can anyone summarize the intention behind the implementation of IModelProviderListener and JEE5ModelProvider?

Best Regards,

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