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[wtp-dev] Status of P2 builds, JUnits, and Smoke tests

Now that I've slept on it, I'd like to get the JUnit's running before we declare, so just as well do that before we do formal smoke tests.

But, if you'd like to do extra testing this week (which I would recommend) you could go ahead and try the latest build from the platform (I20080327-0100) and just confirm your main scenarios.  

Also, the server and JEE team may want to take a look at these bugs to see if it is an issue for you

Note: even though the platform apparently handles dropins in the old directory now, please do not use that feature, since we expect movement away from that model by many users, and we want to make sure we run ok when our plugins are installed elsewhere.

I will cancel the currently running JUnit tests, and move the build up to I20080327-0100 ... and will investigate disabling P2 for JUnit tests ... just until the long startup time issue is fixed.

Updates at 2 PM status meeting!

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