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[wtp-dev] Direction on using installable runtime extensions

I found this:

which warns that it's an interim API and subject to change....

My questions:
1) Am I correct in interpreting the purpose of this extension to allow a plugin developer a way to install a runtime (like an application server) and not just a feature or plugin? The structure of the attributes and an example site.xml I found leave me unsure.

2) If yes, what is the stability of this API now? Does the interim API warning mean that it's best I don't use it or just that there may be some minor changes before the final release?

3) The examples in the page don't use URLs, but when I tried with a path, I just got an error like invalid URL. So, since I'm trying to test one of these locally, I tried using a file:/// url. Apparently, I still don't have all the path components right and debugging gets me to the source of InstallableRuntimeDecorator (in jst), but not InstallableRuntime (in wst). Being an eclipse newbie, I'm not sure how to rectify that. I believe I need to download the source from somewhere and configure it to be used in my debugging session, but could not find the right jar on the download site or the right option to configure. Can someone point me in the right direction?

4) Finally, the default wizard page contains "Application Server Directory" with Browse and the Install Server button which also pops up a Choose Directory dialog. Why is this information gathered twice?


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