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RE: [wtp-dev] Critical/blocker bugs for M6.

206514 is in progress.  The bug will not be resolved, but the milestone will be re-targeted to 3.0, since there will unit tests left to complete.  However, the API-critical work will be complete.
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Subject: [wtp-dev] Critical/blocker bugs for M6.

Hi Team,

With M6 development winding down this Friday March 28th.  We still have 6 untargeted critical/blocker bugs opened including 1 hot bug, as well as 2 critical M6 targeted bugs.
Perhaps some are already fixed and just need to be updated?  Could you please take a look and assess if these are all critical issues that will need to be addressed in time for M6?  Thank you!

6 untargeted blocker/critical bugs
  1. 223435 cri P3 Wind kaloyan.raev@xxxxxxx NEW Manifest cleared when removing Modules from EAR
  2. 223711 cri P3 Wind kosta@xxxxxxx NEW [hotbug_request] Adopter default facets not being applied when project created
  3. 223765 blo P3 Wind raghunathan.srinivasan@orac... NEW fixes for new versions of validation and facets
  4. 224087 cri P3 Wind wst.common-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Deadlock creating Dynamic Web Project in FacetedProjectWorkingCopy
  5. 224237 cri P3 Wind wst.server-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Web service scenario hangs during server publishing
  6. 223183 cri P3 Wind wst.wsdl-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Inconsistent wsdl/xsd validation

2 M6 targeted bugs
  1. 206514 cri P2 Wind cameron.bateman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW The problem when creating a custom design-time VariableResolver
  2. 220670 cri P3 Wind neil.hauge@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Deadlock from JPA Validator


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