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[wtp-dev] New features in Faceted Project Framework

I just released a couple of cool new features for the Faceted Project Framework that people might want to know about.


1. The project properties page for changing facets on an existing project is now much easier to use. Instead of having the page contain a read-only display and forcing the user to click on the modify button, the full facets selection panel is embedded directly in the properties page. This makes it possible to do most modifications right on the page without additional pop-ups. The apply and revert buttons are convenient as well. If new facets that are selected have wizard pages associated with their install actions (such as JPA and JSF), a link will appear at the bottom of the page indicating either that further configuration is available or that further configuration is required. Clicking on that link will bring up a wizard with the pages in question. You can bring up this wizard any number of times to tweak the parameters. Nothing is changed in the project until you click Apply or OK in the root dialog.


2. The framework now registers a generic "Faceted Project" wizard (under the Basic category). This wizard does not constrain any facets as fixed. A new "Lock/Unlock" popup menu action is now available in the facets selection panel. This gives an advanced user ability to control fixed facets for a project. I don’t expect this to be of any use to 95% of the users, but we’ve certainly had some requests for this. These two features put together will make it easier to use faceted project framework outside the context of WTP.


I am pretty excited about these new features. Let me know if you have any comments or if you notice any new problems.


- Konstantin

I'm speaking at EclipseCon 2008


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