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[wtp-dev] Server tools job changes


I've just released a significant change to the implementation of server tools API calls [1]. If you don't use server tools API, please disregard.

In the past, server UI actions (e.g. start/stop actions) were using their own jobs to wrap the API start/stop methods. This caused some underlying problems - UI actions behaving slightly differently than direct API calls, no direct scheduling rules within API calls, etc. The change is that several API methods will now schedule jobs directly as part of their implementation, so the UI or external users can both just call the API and get the benefits of the jobs. This is similar to how some other Eclipse APIs have always worked, e.g. the debug/launch framework.

This change should not affect adopters since it does not break API or change behaviour, and I've done extensive testing to ensure there are no regressions. However, since this is a larger change and may indirectly affect threading/scheduling, please keep your eyes open for any odd behaviour in the coming weeks and let me know if you have any problems.


Tim deBoer
(905) 413-3503  (tieline 969)

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