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[wtp-dev] Let's be consistent on lower bounds, raising to "current pre-reqs" ?

While not strictly required, I suggest we strive to be consistent on our pre-reqs lower bounds, to being what ever is in the ganymede release.

For example, I've noticed most of us pre-req ICU 3.4.4 to 4.0.0), but apparently the latest shipped in the platform is 3.8.1! Must be some important bug fixes in there!

Since we are not real concerned about running in a Europa environment, I think it might be less confusing to update lower bounds to what ever is current, such as ICU [3.8.1, 4.0.0).

Another thing I've noticed, is that if you work with a feature.xml, and "compute" the required plugins, having inconsistent ranges ends up with multiple bundle versions listed in the "requires" section. I guess technically doesn't hurt anything ... but, sure looks confusing.

Anyone see any problems with this?
Does anyone have any isolated plugins they want/need to work with older versions of our pre-reqs?

BTW, I think fine to do this lower bound change through M7, it is not urgent.

And, while you're at it, be sure your upper bounds are as wide as possible.


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