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[wtp-dev] Please sanity test EPP JEE Package from Ganymede M5

You can find by drilling down on the main page,
or, more directly, for the current one,

Since this was the first, and since, I believe, the decision is to be made to day if it is good enough to include on EclipseCon memory stick, all I need from you is a quick sanity check, and make sure the basics (still) work. For example, I could imagine some whole features or plugins got omitted somehow. I did make sure I could create and debug a JSP file, but that was about the extent of it.

If there's no major complaints by the time of our status meeting, I'll assume there's no reason for us to veto its inclusion.

Then over time, we can test more, and get more testing from the community. Like last year, the current package is about like it was last year ... WTP, pre-reqs, plus Mylin.

There is also a new feature ... Usage Data Collector. Please turn this on and while you use it (even if for your own continued development) then please provide data to the EMO. It is purely voluntary, but at this point, they are just trying to collect lots of data, test their system, reports, etc. This should provide some interesting data ... from true end-users eventually ... so, let's help them get started by sending them some data.

Feel free to open bugs as you find them, but for this exercise, we are already at the go-no-go point, so only a "blocking" sort of bug would prevent that .... that's the kind I want to be sure we don't have. Other bugs will be more important as we move forward.


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