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Re: [wtp-dev] Critical defect 218982 - Server not restarted automatically when required

+1, Axis2 plugins also heavily depend on this feature. Its a pain to manually do it.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 10:56 PM, Kathy Chan <kathy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


With today's WTP 3.0 M5 candidate driver (wtp-sdk-S-3.0M5-20080214072830), I found a regression problem where Tomcat 5.5 server is not automatically restarted when a Web project is added to a started server.  The server would show that the Web project is added but the automatic restarting does not take place.  I've opened bug 218982 ( for this critical problem.

In the Web services wizard, we are counting on the server to be restarted as required
when adding a new Web project to the server.  Since the restart did not
take place, the Web services wizard would fail to deploy Axis1 Web service
since it requires a running server with the Web project added.  A number of other Web services

scenarios are broken as well.  The only workaround is to manually add and restart the Web
project before running the Web service scenarios.

This needs to be fixed before M5 can be declared.


Kathy Chan
Rational Java Web Services,
IBM Toronto Lab

(905) 413-3022, tieline: 313-3022

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