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[wtp-dev] Compile failures due to change in ClasspathDependencyUtil?

Hey folks,

And Rob !?

It appears the "getDefaultRuntimePath(boolean)" method recently changed to "getDefaultRuntimePath(boolean, boolean)"

Is this a "breaking API change"? Is it required for adopters to react? Should there be too methods, one with old signature which assumes the other boolean is true or false and calls the old version? I would assume we should have the two versions, but haven't looked at why the change was made.

Source File: org/eclipse/jst/jsf/core/internal/project/facet/
1. ERROR: ParameterMismatch
The method getDefaultRuntimePath(boolean, boolean) in the type ClasspathDependencyUtil is not applicable for the arguments (boolean) :
176 : ClasspathDependencyUtil.getDefaultRuntimePath(true).toString());

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