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[wtp-dev] Content Assist from XML Schema in StructuredTextEditor does not work..

Hi all,

I am trying to use the WebTools StructuredTextEditor in one Multipage (MPE) editor i am developing for editing some files with XML content.

So far i have managed to include the StructuredTextEditor (see code below) in the MPE and i have also specified an extension point for the specific extension to be handled as XML.

 protected void addPages()
     try {
      addPage( this.page1 );
      addPage( this.pag2 );
   catch (PartInitException e) {     
      Activator.logException( e );      
  private void addResourceEditorPage()throws PartInitException{
   this.sourcePageIndex = addPage(getSourceEditor(),   getEditorInput());
  private StructuredTextEditor getSourceEditor()
     if (this.editor == null)
       this.editor = new StructuredTextEditor();   
       this.editor.setEditorPart( this );
      return this.editor;

The problem i am facing is that the Content Assist functionality does not work. The XML files i am editing include the location of the XML schema's.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jsdl:RootDocument xmlns:js="http://..." 

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? Is there is something additional that i have to do ?

Thanks in advance,

Nicholas Loulloudes
High Performance Computing Systems Laboratory (HPCL)
University of Cyprus,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel:  +357-22892663
Email: loulloudes.n[at]

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