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[wtp-dev] Need to restructure our CVS Directories

See the above document for the reasons why ... or, the reasons why I think it is necessary and desirable.

Initially I was thinking we'd do this "after the next milestone", but some I have talked to said "the sooner the better". Which, as far as I know, might be as early as after the next I-build!

So, please take a few minutes to understand the issues, and complain if that seems too disruptive too early.

The main disruption for committers is that you will have to create a new workspace ... and re-checkout freshly any projects you have in your workspace!
Hence, any code that "you have almost ready to check in" should be checked in ... even if not quite released for a build this week.

Additionally, any adopters that literally build WTP will have to adjust as well.

Also, I know there are some teams (such as VE) that have "team project sets" that will have to be updated to pull from the new repository locations.

Not to mention, our map files and perhaps our build will have to be modified to find the code. I would not be surprised if we don't have good builds for a few days while issues are sorted out.

So, it's no small chore.

Comments welcome.

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