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[wtp-dev] WTP Architecture Group -- Request for Outstanding Packaging Issues

In the WTP Architecture Group, we are trying to catalog all outstanding packaging issues in WTP.  This includes all known issues and bugs that have been documented against components that relate to the way components are bundled.
More specifically, we are looking for known issues related to:
1) Components being bundled in such a way that users/adopters are forced to use a dependency that they do not want or think they need.  For example, to use plugin X depends you must use plugin Y, but the dependencies in plugin Y are rarely or never needed to actually use needed functionality in plugin X.
2) Functionality requiring the use of dependencies that users/adopters don't want.  For example, there a number of features in JSF tools that require a dynamic web project facet, however we have had several requests from people to use these features in only a Java natured/faceted project.

Please send pointers to these use cases (preferably as Bugzilla entries) to me (cameron.bateman@xxxxxxxxxx) and I will catalog and publish them on the WTP architecture wiki.
The catalog will be used by the architecture group to drive the creation of proposals for how WTP components may be rebundled and/or refactored to maximize their use by users/adopters who may not wish to adopt the entire WTP component set.

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