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RE: [wtp-dev] Does VE use org.eclipse.jem.ui?

JSF Tools is starting to look at the JEM proxy tooling (bean introspection).  This will likely a become a key dependency for us in 3.0.  I don't think this is part of the UI, but just in case...
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Subject: [wtp-dev] Does VE use org.eclipse.jem.ui?

I suspect so.
But, funny thing is, we in WTP don't. I guess during in the component transfer that happened last year, since it had 'jem' in the name, we assumed they all went together,
but, I think, we only use JEM as a model ... no JEM UI per se.

So ... I was wondering ... does VE need it? If so, would you like it "back"? As far as I can tell, we in WTP don't need it, and as far as
I know, no adopter needs it, except in the context of VE.
Hence, we in WTP have no real reason to "ship" it, except for the fact that VE might need it, so if VE project does need it, then it would be better to
live in VE.


It is at
in the

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