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[wtp-dev] How to use classes generated by webservice wizard from xsd

Hello, I know this is probably an easy question for some people, but I am
stumped.  I created a web service client from a wsdl given to me from our
SOA team.  The wsdl has issue's but thats another problem.  Inside the wsdl
there is an xsd object and this is being used as the parameter to the
webservice call.  So I have two questions.  It creates the classes based on
the wsdl, but what is it using to create these classes, jaxb, emf, xml
beans?  The reason I coded the call for other web methods utilizing jaxb 2.1
but when I try to unmashal the xml file to the class I can't get the context
from the classes generated by the wtp gen, saying there is no object factory
or jaxb.index.  I also tried utilitizing other marshal types with no
positive results.  So does anyone know what I can use to unmarshal the
created xml file into this created object :)

Second is it normal to require an object of type xsd to be pushed across as
other webservices I have called take type string or bytes etc and they do
the unmarshalling on there side?

I hope this question isn't to stupid :)

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