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Re: [wtp-dev] Problem installing Geronimo runtime


I tried a lot today, but I can't get a running Eclipse 3.3 with the
Geronimo plugin (stable or unstable version.).

About the stable version 1.2.0 I opened a JIRA.

But with the unstable version I don't know what to do. I tried Eclipse
3.3 M6 and WTP 2.0 M6 (and all required plugins).
I downloaded the latest unstable version and unpacked this in the
eclipse directory. But there is nothing to see when I open Eclipse (even
no error message).
If you have an idea where to look, I would try this.


Sachin Patel schrieb:
> The existing adapter does that has been released on the geronimo
> update site does not install or run properly for some reason on WTP
> 2.0.0.  It installs fine and runs fine however on WTP 1.5.x which
> indicates some type of compatibility issue between WTP 2.0.0 and WTP
> 1.5.x.
> There are however daily drivers available that do install and run on
> WTP 2.0.0 which you can download and extract manually..
> If you do fine additional problems please open a JIRA in the
> GERONIMODEVTOOLS project against the eclipse-plugin component.
> -sachin

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