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Re: [wtp-dev] Problem installing Geronimo runtime


Thanks for the quick answer.

By now I tested again. I unpack a Eclipse 3.3 M6 package and try to run
a search for new features via Eclipse update tool. From the German
mirrors I get offered a :
"WST Standard Tools (WST) Project SDK 1.6.0v2007010325"
Therefore I thought of version 1.6.


Timothy Deboer schrieb:
> Hi,
> There is no WTP 1.6 - are you using 1.5 or maybe 2.0 M6? (hopefully
> the later along with prereqs if you are using Eclipse 3.3)
> The Geronimo server adapter is built by the Apache Geronimo team, not
> WTP, and the download mechanism you used is able to pull and install
> this adapter directly from the Apache Geronimo update manager site. It
> is possible that there is a problem in WTP, but since the plugin
> appears to have downloaded and installed successfully the first place
> to investigate is the server adapter. Bugs for this adapter are
> normally handled via
> Sachin - Can you try this out or point Stefan at where to open a bug?
> Thanks,
> Tim deBoer
> deboer@xxxxxxxxxx

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