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Re: [wtp-dev] Namespace URI's on JSP dom objects


It's worth considering, in my opinon.  I only see two possible constraints (other than the the practical one of who would do it, when).

We want to be as "standard" as posssible. We might have a bit of flexibility in this case, though, since the JSP-->DOM is
not exactly standard to begin with. Or, are you talking about the pure XMLCompliant JSP document?  Maybe less
flexibility in that case.

The other constraint to consider is existing adopters. This sort of "behavior change" _might_ have an impact on
them, so we'd need sufficient time and review so that could be assessed. My guess is no one would be depending
on null being returned for NS ... but we'd just want there to be time to make sure.

If you wanted to pursue it, I'd suggest the initial steps be to open a bugzilla, produce a wiki document with moviations and use cases.
This would include just not the DOM specific behavior, but the high level "what was to be accomplished" description as well.
This last part is very important, since it'd be helpful to know if the XPath traversal is literally the goal ... as simply being a handy function for
clients to use, or if there's some other specific need, for which the XPath traversal was just part of the solution.
In some cases, for example, there might actually be safer ways to introduce this behavior  (with, say, with a new, non-standard method on IDOMNode) or
perhaps not even use a model at all, and perhaps improve (or fix) the Document Partioning.


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02/12/2007 08:40 PM

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[wtp-dev] Namespace URI's on JSP dom objects

On dom object created by the StructuredModel framework for a JSP
document, the DOM nodes (Element, Attr etc.) seem to be always
constructed with a null namespace URI.  This is probably correct
strictly speaking, however it would nice if the taglib uri could
populated in this field for JSP tag nodes.  This would be very helpful
because it would allow us to set a NamespaceContext and perform XPath
traversal of these documents.

Are there other constraints that prevent the ns field from being used in
this way?

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