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[wtp-dev] Where did JEM go?

We have now officially moved JEM into JST. Both CVS and Bugzilla.

The last Callisto maintenance release was tagged with  R_1_2_3_JEM.

So anything after that is on us.
It's unlikely "we'll get this building" for M5 ... but, perhaps.

JST team, do remember to very carefully and fully document any and all changes to
this code no matter how small (even more than usual), since we have extra
responsibility for this project shared code in transition.

We will change the version of JEM to be "2.0" which normally signifies "API breakage".
That's not technically the case here, but the Callisto version had an optimistic range set
for it's EMF dependancy. Since it has turned out that the 1.2.x version will not run with
EMF 2.3 (and our Europa version will not run with EMF 2.2), it seems the best course of
action is to increment the major field, so there will be no chance of runtime confusion on
who requires what/when.

By the way, the package names will remain as they are (org.eclipse.jem ... )
instead of adding "jst" in there simply to avoid adopter/client breakage for no
good reason.

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