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[wtp-dev] RE: [wtp-releng] How to setup local WTP automated test system?

Title: How to setup local WTP automated test system?
Reposting the question in wtp-dev as well...

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Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 10:35 AM
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Subject: [wtp-releng] How to setup local WTP automated test system?


I am trying to setup a local automated test system that gives results like your central tests on each WTP build [1]. I need this to test patches before submitting them as bug reports.

I have found that is very easy to run the test of the Eclipse SDK. The readme.html in is a very nice guide. Also in the same package there is a batch file (runtests.bat) that installs the target runtime, executes the tests and generates results html reports. The tests are well organised in targets in the test.xml descriptor. Everything is nice and easy.

However, I don’t find the same comfortability in the WTP test packages [3] [4]. I expected to find similar test.xml that groups the tests into targets and runtests.bat script, but there are no such things. Of course, I can hack the scripts and descriptors the come from the, but this aproach is cumbersome and error-prone. I hope there is simpler way.

Do I miss something? In simple words: where can I find the scripts and descriptors that you use to run the WTP automated tests and generate the results like [1] that are also posted to this mailing list?

I have had a look to the automation guide [5], but it does not give an easy answer on running WTP automation tests.






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