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[wtp-dev] Announcing WTP 1.0.3

I really appreciate everyone's contributions to this maintenance release.

Below is the announcement I just sent to our newsgroup.

FYI, I've tagged all projects used in the final build with R1_0_3

Thank you.

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I am pleased to announce the availability of the Web Tools Platform (WTP)
Maintenance Release 1.0.3.
This 1.0.x version of WTP requires the 3.1.2 Eclipse Project base, and the
prerequisites associated with that base. It is not compatible with the newer
Callisto release (aka 3.2.0) which became available last month.
You can download an appropriate package from
There are not many changes in this release, but it does contain about 20 bug
fixes that our users and adopters said were very important to them! For a
complete list, see
This is our last planned maintenance release on this 1.0.x stream, and we encourage users
and adopters to move to the 1.5.x stream as soon as they are able. Our main
build page is at
The update site, at
has been updated with this maintenance release.
If you have 1.0.2 installed, you can automatically find the updates,
using "search for updates of currently installed features" ...
but due to some quirk, or feature? :) of the Update Manager, you need
to do it twice, once for WST part, and once for JST part.

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