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[wtp-dev] Request PMC approval for 140035, 140431and 140433 for WTP 1.0.3

These 3 bugs concern potential legal exposures that may prohibit adopters from picking up WTP...

This bug concerns a Web Services-Interoperability copyright notice in the file. After talking to the owner of this code, this code is actually released under EPL. The fix is to remove the notice. Since this copyright notice is in the form of a public static string, I did an adopter breakage scan against the fix. Results suggest no adopter is using this public static string.

This bug concerns a bunch of .java files with CPL license. We should update them with EPL. The fix is to update the CPL comments with EPL. Very low risk.

This bug concerns some Sun Microsystem copyright statements in the J2EE validation code. The J2EE validation code often refers to the portion of the J2EE spec that it is validating. The content of the J2EE spec was copied and pasted into the .java files as comments. That's how the Sun copyrights got into there. After consulting with the legal team on this, these comments should be removed.


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