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Re: [wtp-dev] adopter usage reports


An adopter report is a list of the WTP code used by an adopter. It is generated by a scanning tool. We use it to limit breakage when we need to change internal code, and to prioritze internal code for promotion to platform API.

See the bottom links on [1] for details on the reports and tools.


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04/27/2006 04:09 AM

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"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [wtp-dev] adopter usage reports

i'm going out on a lim here :)

What is adopter reports ?

What is the plugin tool ?

(I think I have an idea, but enlighten me - thank you ;)


> Here's my thoughts on the  adopter usage reports and the nifty plugin
> tool.  I talked to Jeffrey about this last week but figured it may be of
> general interest.
> - We need more adopter reports.  Currently I see 3 and they're all from
> IBM.  I know there's other companies building on WTP ... can we get more
> reports?  Perhaps we need to do a better job of advertising this
> capability?
> - We need more frequent updates to our reports.  My team made a 'boo boo'
> last week that the reports would not have caught since the adopter didn't
> add the dependency until after the report was generated.   That does not
> excuse our 'boo boo' of course :-)
> - The plugin tool is nice! Kudos to Jeffrey!  I think finding breakages
> 'after' you've already made the code changes is too late in some cases.
> I'd like a way to view the reports so that I can eyeball the usages
> 'before' I even think about making code changes.  Can someone write an  
> file so we can generate pretty HTML to read  these things?  It'd be very
> nice to publish these on the WTP site.
> - This is a minor one ... our usage report files are large xml files that
> are formatted in such a way that the entire thing fits on one line.  I
> think one of the great benefits of XML is that it's 'semi-readable'.    
> Can
> we please generate reports with standard formatting so they can be read  
> by
> humans?
> BTW....  I noticed that our SSE based tools really don't like these
> one-liner-xml-files.  I originally attempted to open one of these suckers
> in the XML editor so I could format it there.   That didn't turn out so
> well (I'll open a bug for this.. but I think it's a known problem).   I
> guess some programs have as hard a time with these as humans do :-)   I
> created an XSL file to format the one-line-xml-files into multiple lines
> with indents (attached below) if anyone wants to use it.
> thanks
> Craig
> Craig Salter
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