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Re: [wtp-dev] adopter usage reports

i'm going out on a lim here :)

What is adopter reports ?

What is the plugin tool ?

(I think I have an idea, but enlighten me - thank you ;)


Here's my thoughts on the  adopter usage reports and the nifty plugin
tool.  I talked to Jeffrey about this last week but figured it may be of
general interest.

- We need more adopter reports.  Currently I see 3 and they're all from
IBM.  I know there's other companies building on WTP ... can we get more
reports?  Perhaps we need to do a better job of advertising this

- We need more frequent updates to our reports.  My team made a 'boo boo'
last week that the reports would not have caught since the adopter didn't
add the dependency until after the report was generated.   That does not
excuse our 'boo boo' of course :-)

- The plugin tool is nice! Kudos to Jeffrey!  I think finding breakages
'after' you've already made the code changes is too late in some cases.
I'd like a way to view the reports so that I can eyeball the usages
'before' I even think about making code changes. Can someone write an XSL
file so we can generate pretty HTML to read  these things?  It'd be very
nice to publish these on the WTP site.

- This is a minor one ... our usage report files are large xml files that
are formatted in such a way that the entire thing fits on one line.  I
think one of the great benefits of XML is that it's 'semi-readable'. Can we please generate reports with standard formatting so they can be read by

BTW....  I noticed that our SSE based tools really don't like these
one-liner-xml-files.  I originally attempted to open one of these suckers
in the XML editor so I could format it there.   That didn't turn out so
well (I'll open a bug for this.. but I think it's a known problem).   I
guess some programs have as hard a time with these as humans do :-)   I
created an XSL file to format the one-line-xml-files into multiple lines
with indents (attached below) if anyone wants to use it.



Craig Salter
Rational Studio XML Web Services
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Max Rydahl Andersen


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