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[wtp-dev] API to get a list of required facets given a "top" facetversion

Hi, currently if a required facet is not selected in the 2nd page of the project creation wizard, you'll get a messages stating something to the effect of "missing required facet ABC 1.0".  However there's no current API support for obtaining a list of required facet (or facet versions) given a "top facet version".  I understand that multiple facet versions can fulfill a requirement so there is no unique list to return.  But at least one list can be accurately calculated: a list of highest-versioned facets to fulfill a top facet version's requirement.

Why I need such a list is because I want to enhance the 1st page of the project creation wizard to have some combo boxes to drive the facet selection on the 2nd page.  One of the things I need to figure out is the required facet versions list.

Anybody else see value in such an API?


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