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[wtp-dev] Making WTP CVS Repository More Accessible

Two aspects of how code is organized in WebTools CVS repository makes it rather difficult for newcomers to find code. This is especially true for people who don’t normally make contributions, but wish to submit a patch for a particular problem.


1. In quite a few cases, we don’t follow the convention of prefixing the plugin id as the first part of package name of *all* classes in that plugin. This makes it next to impossible to find a class without downloading the entire codebase and searching it.


2. Using folders to organize plugins into groups may be convenient for some, but it also makes finding plugins a lot more difficult. I suggest we follow the layout used by the base Eclipse and have all of the plugins at the top level. The package names should be sufficient to visually “group” related plugins.


Obviously not a 1.0 or 1.0.1 issue, but we should consider doing this as part of 1.5 spring cleaning.


I created a bugzilla item ( to track this, but I thought I should send it out to the mailing list to get wider exposure.



BEA Systems

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