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RE: [wtp-dev] API to get a list of required facets given a "top"facetversion



The following bugzilla entry is used to track this enhancement request:


The problem is quiet difficult even if when making assumptions such as “take the highest version”. The OR constraints have to be dealt with. The list that you compute might not useable because of other facets currently selected and their constraints or the limitations of a runtime. In short, in order to make this work we would need a pretty sophisticated algorithm that’s capable of picking facets and versions while taking into account everything around it. Is it ok to change the version of face x that’s already selected to satisfy my constraint? Maybe it is; maybe it isn’t; maybe following another OR branch will make changing the version not necessary. It a lot of these situations, user feedback will have to be involved.




- Konstantin


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Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 8:21 PM
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Subject: [wtp-dev] API to get a list of required facets given a "top"facetversion


Hi, currently if a required facet is not selected in the 2nd page of the project creation wizard, you'll get a messages stating something to the effect of "missing required facet ABC 1.0".  However there's no current API support for obtaining a list of required facet (or facet versions) given a "top facet version".  I understand that multiple facet versions can fulfill a requirement so there is no unique list to return.  But at least one list can be accurately calculated: a list of highest-versioned facets to fulfill a top facet version's requirement.

Why I need such a list is because I want to enhance the 1st page of the project creation wizard to have some combo boxes to drive the facet selection on the 2nd page.  One of the things I need to figure out is the required facet versions list.

Anybody else see value in such an API?


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