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[wtp-dev] www site build fail (and a solution)

For those committers that update our website (on, at /home/cvs/org.eclipse) and run its build.xml file to
do the xsl transforms, validation, etc.,

I recently got a "build failed" message that said

D:\builds\Workspaces\PureHeadWTP_M7\www\webtools\build.xml:81: The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\builds\Workspaces\PureHeadWTP_M7\www\webtools\people\build.xml:40: Could not start xml validation: org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser

I solved this as follows, not sure if there's other ways, or .. what ... but thought I'd post here for others.

In (M7) development environment, go to 'preferences', 'ant', 'runtime', and under "Global Entries" add the 2 xerces jars
(which happen to be in my workspace, from our WTP plugin, so were easy to find).

Perhaps this isn't required for those doing "pure" self hosting (using WTP M4) ... but ... just thought I'd post here what I know,
I'd like to make sure all those builds get validated :)

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