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RE: [wtp-dev] Components: Required libraries, projects and classes

Thanks for the response ... a couple of follow ups ...
As of last weeks IBuild, the move is towards one component per project. Is a "reference" component a different thing and hence there will be an exception?
And I couldn't get as to what you mean by a reference type .... just libraries and jars?  
And similarly a "shared java" component is just another reference component which happens to have some java source or is it a special kinda component?
If you would like one more pair of eyes, I can take a look at the reference component if you could point me to a discussion thread or other architectural documentation you may have on this.
Also, I noticed that the Web Services wizards copy the jars into <component>/lib instead of the reference model .... but I will follow up with Chris on a seperate post.

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Subject: Re: [wtp-dev] Components: Required libraries, projects and classes

Hi Ravi,

All of the requirements you mentioned are currently supported or in the M5 plan, although tooling is lacking in many areas.
My responses are below.

- Chuck

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"Ravi Kumar" <Ravi.Kumar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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05/20/2005 11:07 PM

Please respond to
"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues."

[wtp-dev] Components: Required libraries, projects and classes

There appear to be some serious limitations with respect to component dependencies on external jars and classes. Here are a few typical use cases and the current solutions.
    1)  If a component uses a library, the jar needs to be copied into the component library directory by the user ... for instance component/web-inf/lib.
<cdb>We don't have the ability yet to create external classpath entries as referenced components, but this support is in plan for M5, and is considered very high priority</cdb>
    2)  If a component uses some classes from a "required project", the classes need to be copied in the by the user ... for instance component/web-inf/classes
<cdb>This scenario is supported by creating adding a "referenced" component with the "consumes" reference type.  The requirement does exist that the referenced project define components around the shared class files</cdb>
    3)  And lastly, flexible projects don't work with source folders which are project wide and are shared / used by the components
<cdb>Like above, source folders can be defined within a "shared" java utility component, that can either reffered by many other components within the workspace.</cdb>
My guess is that it will be reasonably straight forward to do the following
    1)   Allow libraries / jar references to be added to components
    2)   Allow "required projects" to components
    3)   Allow shared sources in flexible projects and include them in all component .deployables **

<cdb>Some changes are coming soon for the .deployables folder.  We are pushing all assembly tasks minus the essential java compilation to the publish task.  This will eliminate server specific behavior at development time, and will only assemble the required metadata needed at publish depending on server type.  We also intend to assemble these files in the server metadata area outside the workspace.</cdb>
The solution I am proposing is whenever one of these (libraries, jars or projects) or added to a component, automatically add it to the project build path. Adding it to the project build path will use the exact same mechanism as when the user set's it from the project properties dialog.
So, the work involved is
    1)   Updating WtpModules model to accommodate the new elements  
    2)   Some UI to add these (libraries, jars or projects) to components. Possibly component properties similar to project properties

<cdb>Thanks for these suggestions, and we understand the need for minimal dependency configuration support in R1, we are considering a property sheet like you suggest.  
Ultimately, a feature rich editor for editing resource layout, and deployment options is our goal, but for R1.1</cdb>

** Optional, dependency aware filtering would be nice as well.
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