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[wtp-dev] People Pages email Addresses


I had been displaying your email addresses in the clear because a) Bugzilla displays them in the clear anyway, and b) spam filters are failry effective. However, I did receive one request to obfuscate them. I have therefore done so and also used _javascript_ instead of a bare mailto: href.

Let me know if this makes the email addresses too unreadable. My backup plan is to generate small images with readable email addresses (this will work until spammers use OCR).

Arthur Ryman,
Rational Desktop Tools Development

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
fax: +1-905-413-4920, TL 969-4920
mobile: +1-416-939-5063, text: 4169395063@xxxxxxx

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