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Re: [wtp-dev] [Help Wanted] M5 jst.jsp: Design and API Verification (sample PHP editor)

Hi Andry,

That's great!

I think that would be an extremely useful contribution.
If you're just getting started, I can try to point you to a couple places to start looking (to see what editor features you may want to contribute)

A good place to start looking is the how the cheat sheet editor (another sample editor) extends XML Editor.
It's located in the webtools repository under "wst/components/xml/examples/cheat-sheet-editor".

You'll probably want to look at overriding the StructuredTextViewerConfigurationXML so you can supply things like content assist, hover, highligher, etc...

We are currently still working on cleaning up our APIs, but sample editors like this help us determine what clients really need.
Let us know what type of work you'd like to do for this, or if you have any questions.


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Phillip Avery
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Andrey Platov <andrey@xxxxxxxxx>
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05/20/2005 03:49 AM

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[wtp-dev] [Help Wanted] M5 jst.jsp: Design and API Verification

We'd like to help with the item: Sample PHP Editor

Andrey Platov
xored software

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