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[wtp-dev] Components: Required libraries, projects and classes

There appear to be some serious limitations with respect to component dependencies on external jars and classes. Here are a few typical use cases and the current solutions.
    1)  If a component uses a library, the jar needs to be copied into the component library directory by the user ... for instance component/web-inf/lib.
    2)  If a component uses some classes from a "required project", the classes need to be copied in the by the user ... for instance component/web-inf/classes
    3)  And lastly, flexible projects don't work with source folders which are project wide and are shared / used by the components
My guess is that it will be reasonably straight forward to do the following
    1)   Allow libraries / jar references to be added to components
    2)   Allow "required projects" to components
    3)   Allow shared sources in flexible projects and include them in all component .deployables **
The solution I am proposing is whenever one of these (libraries, jars or projects) or added to a component, automatically add it to the project build path. Adding it to the project build path will use the exact same mechanism as when the user set's it from the project properties dialog.
So, the work involved is
    1)   Updating WtpModules model to accommodate the new elements  
    2)   Some UI to add these (libraries, jars or projects) to components. Possibly component properties similar to project properties
** Optional, dependency aware filtering would be nice as well.

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