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RE: [wtp-dev] flexible project & server api changes - please review

Hopefully this doesn't come across as a big "whine and cheese" fest on my part.
[Ted Bashor] Not at all, I think you are right on in highlighting the risk given the curent dates and current scope of web services functionality planned for 1.0.
My guess is that the biggest impact on webservices is going to be mainly integrating new UI (and I understand that's no small deal).  Plus updating your extension point xml (if you decide to do that).  My sense is that at the api level, it'll mainly be a refactoring exercise.  But I could be way off base...
Someone is definitely going to have to make a tough call as to whether it's more important to improve the project/server model level now and put web services at risk.  Or pull together a web services story on top of the existing foundation (accepting that part of the foundation may have to be reworked in the next release).  Or push out the 1.0 dates.
 2. The proposed schedule names 5/18 (which is nice and soon) as the target for the new IFeatureDescriptor and IFeature (assumed) API, and for adding at least some of the associated methods to IVirtualComponent. There are other interfaces in the proposal to be updated, such as IServerType, IRuntime, IModule and IModuleType (to be deleted). I'm not sure if all these changes are planned for 5/18.
[Ted Bashor] I put the server api changes down for 5/27.  It's downstream from componentcore api, and probably needs a bit of time to cook.  I'll leave it to Tim deBoer to say whether he thinks that date can be pulled in a bit.

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