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[wtp-dev] Server Tools/Internet API changes


Attn: architecture group and other interested parties

I'd like to propose the following API changes to the wst.server and wst.internet components respectively. If there are no objections, I'd like to integrate them in for this week's I-build.

Bug 94217: Refactoring of org.eclipse.wst.server.core.ITask

This change comes in three parts:
a) The org.eclipse.core.commands plugin is new in Eclipse 3.1 and provides common support for undoable/redoable operations via classes like IUndoableOperation. Now that this support is being made common, the server editors should not use our own ITask interface. We will change the server editors to use the IUndoableOperation class instead of ITask. This will cause some minor code change in all server editors, including the Tomcat server editor.
b) The ITask is used in two other places. The first is the server wizard framework's createFinishTask() and createCancelTask() methods, and the second is the publishTask extension point. Upon further investigation, the finish and cancel methods in the wizard do not need to be task based, and removing this support will simplify the API. This change will have minimal impact on the rest of WTP (the wizards are only fully exploited in products based on top of WTP).
c) The remaining use of ITask is in the publishTask extension point. This extension point currently uses a subclass of ITask called IOptionalTask. Since this is the only remaining use of ITask, we propose merging ITask and IOptionalTask into a single PublishOperation that will be tailored explicitly for this purpose. Once again, this simplifies the API and impacts only one class in the Tomcat support since this feature will be used more by add-on products.

Bug 94218: Change TCP/IP monitor to internal.provisional

The TCP/IP monitoring server is a core part of WTP, allowing users to monitor and debug web pages and Web services. However, this function is close to the mandate of TPTP and similar function may one day be supported by TPTP. To ensure that we do not conflict or have to remove API in the future, we propose moving all 7 API classes to internal.provisional.

Tim deBoer
WebSphere Tools - IBM Canada Ltd.
(905) 413-3503  (tieline 969)

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