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[wtp-dev] defect/build procedure this week for WTP M4

Here's what I suggest for our build/defect fixing procedure this week,
in anticipation of declaring M4 on 4/29 ... we need to have a slow
steady progressively better build.

Suggestions welcome.

One planned re-build on Tuesday at noon (EDT).

Any fixes going into this Tuesday build must be listed to
wtp-dev so project leads (and we all) get an idea of what's
going into the build. Its up to the component leads best
judgement to balance things which must be fixed, with
risk of destabilizing the build. -- and we still expect
a small number .. 10 to 30. [and, remember, there's no
need to fix 'normal' problems at this point].

One more possible rebuild on Thursday at noon (EDT),
if needed.

Same procedure: any fixes listed to wtp-dev, only now
even much smaller number expected, like 5, for only the most
blocking and the most safest fixes.

Presumably after each of these builds, teams will test
that the blocking defect was fixed, and no regressions

I'm hoping this is enough of a controlled process and
that we don't need to start a hierarchy of reviews and
approvals ... but if things seem to get out of control, that will
come next.

If anyone has doubts about whether to include a fix,
doen't hesitate to ask others (like me) for advice or

Sound feasible?

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