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[wtp-dev] One auto I-build removed

In an effort to keep us all informed ...

I've deleted the 4:00 PM (EDT) build from the Eclipse download site,
specifically, I-I20050422-200504222300
It would have been available for a few hours on Friday for download, but
no longer is.

It is my understanding this contained some changes which were to be in next week's
Milestone build, but weren't required for any 'test blocking' defects -- and once
Cruise Control get's going, it hard to stop   :)

I've deleted it to avoid confusion over "which is the official I-build to use for testing"
especially since it would have the same basic date (4/22) as the official I-build.
And those defects which "went in" to it should still be marked as "P1" and listed
for re-spin for next week ... even though already released, which was known
in advance, we need to "stabilize" our process and have an orderly list of
changes going in for final M4.

I hope I have not misunderstood and now caused more confusion or problems,
... if so, barbs to this list are welcome and will keep us all up-to-date.

Thanks all, sorry for the churn.

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