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Re: [wtp-dev] Copies of pre-req'd I-builds (was: Our march to M4)

At 06:50 AM 4/16/2005, David M Williams wrote:
Yes, agreed. And, to publicly remind everyone :) Naci and his "build team" have offered to handle this in the build scripts (and I am assuming he'll keep us all updated on progress).

The build scripts and cruise have a new project under the name "drivers", which will keep a copy of any emf/jem/gef driver that is used in a build

The scripts are maintained under releng/cruiseScripts

The drivers are chnaged as usual with the maps, the scripts will first download them from their primary web-site than upload a copy to the webtools/downloads/drivers. From that point on, these drivers will only be refernced from webtools.

All download wtp links from todays 16:00 PM build onwards will be from webtools maintained copies of the drivers.
Naci Dai,

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