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[wtp-dev] WTP Installer

I have checked in an ant script I use often to create a complete wtp installation that can be used for testing and/or as a develeopment target.

It uses wtp-releng  so you will be sure that it creates an installation exeactly as the one used by the build itself.

To use it:

1)  Checkout  org.eclipse.wtp.releng from CVS.  The install scripts are in the folder installer
2)  Edit and set your preferences for the install locations: build.home and build.driver
3)  Run ant with the install.xml

You will have a fully functional  WTP  when the script finishes.

  • If you have downloaded some of the drivers before, copy them into a folder named the ${build.home}/${build.driver}. That way the install script will not download them again

Naci Dai,

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